Spanish R&D Certification


enera biotech gives support for the processes of justification of scientific projects or R & D activities financed by public or private funds, both in the scientific and technical justifications and justifications for the costs incurred.

Spanish companies and organizations that carry out R + D activities are entitled to tax deductions applying assuming significant financial savings for them.

The identification of the R&D actions through certification by accredited entities, allows access to tax deductions (art. 35 of Legislative Royal Decree 4 / 2004 of 5 March, approving the revised text of the Income Tax Act.) which range from 25% -42% approximately for activities classified as “R & D”, and 12% for activities classified as “innovation”.

We help help institutions in this certification process  by having the projects properly individualized and documented, supporting the classification and accreditation of the execution of expenditure, as well as the realization of all scientific and technical reports and economic qualification documents describing the project as “R & D” or “I”

Our services are:

  • Complete wording of Scientific and technical report
  • Complete wording of Economic report
  • Justification of projects costs
  • Quantification of the tax deduction for “R & D” vs. “I”
  • Transaction of the certification and / or audits
  • Application and Management of “Informe Motivado” to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINNECO)