Knowledge transfer


OWLEDGE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, is the way for the OPEN INNOVATION, which involves the use of external suppliers or collaboration with technology partners outside the company to produce products and services with high added value and that will involve the differentiation and the competitive advantage.

The research results obtained in universities, research centers, foundations, hospitals,.. are the best source of this innovation for businesses, and they are produced in quantity and quality. The transfer occurs by:

  • Collaboration between companies and knowledge centers (universities, research institutes and technology centers).
  • Strategic alliances and cooperation around R & D, technology and innovation
  • Creating scientific and technological enterprises, start-up biotechs. They are the best way to reach the market!!
  • Negotiation of exploitation rights – licenses of biotechnology patents


GENERA BIOTECH catalyzes this transfer between suppliers and demanders of biotechnology and knowledge from the biomedical and biotechnological research. Thanks to the proven experience of our team and partners, we can offer our customers (both suppliers and demanders) the appropriate advice and support for:

  • The proper protection of research results
  • The dissemination of our customer’s research results and their scientific and technical capabilities
  • Actively seeking the right technology supplier or demandant
  • The creation of value on the way to the market, so facilitating successful license
  • Development of Technology Dossiers
  • Advice in the negotiation of licensing and collaboration agreements