enera Biotech founding team comes from a group of scientific excellence and whith extensive business experience. Its promoters belong to the Laboratory of Translational Genomics at the University of Valencia, which has pioneered carrying out Translational and Biomedical Research, founding several biotechnology companies, and it is accredited as one of the few groups of Excellence in R & D in the Valencia Community. This important distinction, awarded by the Department of Education under the call PROMETHEUS, accredits these researchers as scientific excellence both nationally and internationally.


Given our great scientific and business expertise, Genera Biotech mission aims to catalyze the transfer of biotechnology and knowledge from technology providers (universities, research centres and hospital foundations) to its receptors (biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical industry and other companies).


  • Customer orientation: constantly adapt to the needs and demands of our customers in order to achieve common goals
  • Excellence: Striving for superior performance and excellent results
  • Innovation: Encouraging and managing innovation for change, taking initiatives and risks to create sustainable value to our projects
  • Team spirit: Teamwork by providing ideas, forming a work ethic of “continuous improvement”
  • Respect to our customers, consumers, suppliers, colleagues and environment and community.
  • Integrity: Conduct any business always with integrity, consistency, responsibility and truthfulness.
  • Confidence: Generate confidence in all our behavior.
  • Commitment: Follow the Code of Ethics of our company. Social responsibility and commitment.


CSR Policy

In keeping with our mission and what the company represents and defends, our social responsibility policy is aimed at promoting knowledge-based entrepreneurship as this is the mechanism to generate social and economic change at our country. Through actions like Encuentros TEI bio, we try to catalyze the creation of new technology-based companies that are the engine of a sustainable economy and generates skilled jobs.