TEI Bio Meetings cross borders and arrive to Andalucía

In February 2013 took place in the city of Valencia the First Meeting TEI Bio where novice participants attended to a new networking event where the open debate reigned. This was the first of many successful meetings where several honor guests have attended and where there are still many of them to come to learn and share concerns and opportunities with them.

GENERA BIOTECH SL and InnDEA Valencia Foundation created these early events in the biotechnology sector with the firm objective to be a meeting place for entrepreneurs, scientists and investors establishing an active community to strengthen Transfer, Entrepreneurship and investment in the field of Biomedicine and Biotechnology.

These meetings are a success and the relaxed atmosphere in which it develops provides opportunities for collaborations and synergies. This “particular” context completely different from an office or meeting room, conducive contacts among participants promoting inter-relationships and thus facilitating the detection of common interests and opportunities for scientific and business cooperation, a situation really useful in translational that the scientific research needs today.

Logo TEIbio_400Therefore, our TEI Bio meetings have spread outside the Valencian Community. Specifically, to Andalucía, in the city of Málaga, where the company Sombradoble is responsible for disseminating these productive meetings to present bearing fruit “Encuentros TEI Bio Andalucía”. These meetings are held on one Thursday of each month at Bodega El Pimpi (C/ Granada, 62, 29015. Málaga) with a free and open assistance. Further information contact to info@sombradoble.es

Supporting and encouraging the scientific base entrepreneurship, catalyzing a social movement as well as influencing and motivating the action of anyone involved with either their direct work, its making, investor or prescriptive capacity is target of the TEI Bio Meetings that we expect it spreads to other Spanish cities, giving fruitful meetings where the Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Investment in the field of Biomedicine and Biotechnology remain patent.


Remember that on June 24th we will have the XII TEI Bio Meeting in Valencia, the last of this second season. For more information do not hesitate to write or contact at, www.generabiotech.comhttp://encuentrosteibio.blogspot.com.es,  www.encuentrosteibio.es http://twitter.com/GENERABIOTECH and https://twitter.com/TEIbio

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